My dog Casey had lost a lot of weight because she wasn’t eating. Her vet and I didn’t know if it was possibly stomach cancer or some other major issue. Claudia spoke with Casey and discovered it wasn’t a disease, it was a gut imbalance. I shared that with the vet who agreed to treat it and we started to see an improvement fairly quickly. Casey got her appetite back, gained four pounds (significant for a bichon poodle!) and was once again a happy little dog. Claudia helped me again about a year later to work on some further health-related issues that the vet couldn’t identify and again, treat them to success. 

Sadly, my Casey had to be put to sleep earlier this year due to some age-related issues. It wasn’t a surprise but it was still quick. A few days later I asked Claudia for help reaching out to Casey. It was a wonderful relief to hear that she was doing well and was looking forward to being together again someday. Claudia also shared how to look for signs that Casey was around. I miss my little girl terribly but I’m so glad I can still connect with her and know we’ll be together again someday. Thank you, Claudia, for genuinely caring about animals and humans, and for using your gifts to help others. The accuracy of what was presented to you (and to me) was amazing and was so helpful.

Colleen H.

SASKATchewan, Canada
dog named winter

I met Claudia about 7 years ago when I took my beautiful lab on a group dog walk. First half of the day was
spent walking on groomed trails and the other half of the day was spent taking turns talking with Claudia and
finding out how our animal companions were doing. I was so impressed with Claudia’s insight on my pup –
Murphy that I kept her name for future use. Little did I know that Claudia would become an important part of
our family.

I’ve consulted with Claudia when I thought Murphy was having a rough time or even when I just wanted to
find out how he was doing. And after each of my conversations with Murphy I noticed that my relationship
with him became stronger and closer and I began to understand Murphy better and build an amazing bond
with him through Claudia’s help.

Recently my beautiful boy passed away of Cancer at 7.5 years old. During his last year of his life I checked in
with him through Claudia to find out how he was doing, was he in pain and was there anything I could do for
him. He made it very clear that he wanted each day to be the status quo and not to dwell on his sickness, that
he wasn’t in pain and not to worry about him. And more importantly he wanted to die at home.

I continued to contact Claudia over the last couple of months to see how Murphy was doing and when he was
ready to move on. He told me how he wanted to spend his last day with me and that he was good to go on
Saturday. During his final year I was comforted to know that he wasn’t in pain, that he was doing well and that
I fulfilled all his wishes including having a vet come to my place to help him leave his physical body. The entire
experience was made more beautiful because of Claudia’s help in assisting me to make Murphy’s last days the
most comfortable and happiest that I could for him. I am so blessed to be connected to such a wonderful
person. Thank you Claudia.

Judith W.

New york, usa

Claudia, you save the lives of many dogs – you saved Lola’s life this Spring. She was such a mess and in no time she was comfortable and on the road to recovery. Thank you so much.

J. Enns

Ontario, Canada

Claudia, Rudi is doing much better. His separation anxiety has all but disappeared. I followed your suggestion of leaving the TV on in my bedroom (Woman’s channel:)) and ask him to relax and watch TV… go figure, he trots to the back of the apartment when I leave after his morning walk, no more frantically trying to squeeze out of the door with me. He is also eating better and seems more relaxed, he seems to understand that I want him to be happy. I feel that your call helped him and me a great deal, thank you so much.

Karin Werner

Ontario, Canada

Hello Claudia – I wanted to let you know how much you helped Rex, and us, with your communication. Upon my return home after seeing you and giving Rex his next insulin injection – he was a changed cat…accepting, calm, and no longer reacting. The next day, when we did the glucose curve, he was also most calm and accepting. This has continued, which makes the ongoing insulin injections and today another glucose curve, so much easier on all of us.  We are all so very grateful.

Catherine and Cliff M.

Ontario, Canada

“Claudia is the most incredible animal communicator I have ever met. Her communication skills are second to none. She comes from the heart and really cares. Claudia is the real thing. Thanks to Claudia I was able to help Charm, whom I rescued one year ago from a terrible, abusive home. In all the time he was with me, I was not able to look at him, approach him, or even touch him but just a few days after Claudia communicated with him, Charm changed. He now snuggles up to me and now we are inseparable. Thank you, Claudia..”

Charm & B. Parker


“Our conversation was the most enlightening of my life. I kept saying to myself I never knew that animals had such abilities. My whole foundation of life has shifted and I am now attempting to restructure and change and bring forth peace and harmony.”

B. C.

Toronto, Ontario

“Thank you, Claudia. You saved Charlie’s life. Without your help I would have never known that something was “wrong” with Charlie’s abdomen and would not have taken him to my vet to have a lifesaving surgery. We will be forever grateful to you.”

B. Stein


“Claudia is a gifted and intuitive animal communicator. All of my five canine companions have talked to her at times of both joy and crisis. She has always provided insights that have resulted in a higher quality of life for them. Her inspiration and support is a tribute to the love we all feel for our companions.”

Cynthia W.

Virginia, USA

“I just want to share with you how much you helped Senator today, I told his body worker, what Senator said, about massaging his back first before she does his hind legs. As in the past he always tried to kick her and she wasn’t able to do much.
She confirmed that his back was extremely sore and after she worked on his back from both sides first, he let her work on his hind legs without kicking. She was thrilled that for the first time, she was able to really massage his hind legs.”

Ariana Benesova


“Claudia has an extraordinary ability to be able to understand what animals are thinking and feeling. She can hear what they would like changed in their lives and what makes them happy. The animals also communicate to her the concerns they have about their health. Her talents don’t stop there. She can also tell what is going on with the animals’ caregiver.
Claudia visited me and my two terriers. She quickly heard that my older dog does not like to be reminded of her age, has an ache in her neck, has trouble seeing and is aware my deceased husband is in the house. Although on a natural diet both dogs would like to eat food more like mine. Claudia learned from my younger dog that she doesn’t like her blue collar and coat but would prefer green. She would also like to have the hair trimmed out of her eyes.
Claudia was also able to tell me the problems I am experiencing. Her readings were astoundingly correct and helpful.
Claudia’s direct approach and sharp insight gave me the kind of feedback not available from veterinarians nor from therapists for humans.
Every day I have questions about my dogs’ behaviour and welfare for which I am sure Claudia could provide answers to help us be happier together.

Kathleen Moore

Toronto, Canada

“Claudia, Big thanks again for all that you do. You have made a big difference in my life and I am so thankful to know you. I love animals and knowing that there is a way (through you), to fully communicate with them, comforts me and makes me very happy. All that you did to help with my dear Destiny really means a lot to me. Words can’t really express how much you have given to me. Like I said, thank you for sharing your beautiful gift!”

Bredjete O.

British Columbia

Claudia is my preferred animal communicator. She is the only one who is able to send a message back to the animal friend. I had contact with other communicators, but I always felt that the answers were less precise. She helped me a lot with my herd of horses. When I bought my new horse l asked her to tell the other horses to be nice to the new comer and not kick or argue….and well what can l say they were all very gentle to her. And the integration went very well.

Sylvia P.


“I came away from the workshop with a deeper rapport with my dog. Claudia was able to facilitate for us a respectful communication that goes both ways”

N. Vrede


“I wanted first to thank you!!! I’ve been giving my dog, Miko, the bach flower remedy for self-confidence, and the change in him has been unbelievable. How can I thank you! I would never, ever have guessed that he needed self-confidence. Miko continues to improve and hasn’t even started taking any supplements or remedies for his intestinal issues. The thing that I find so amazing is that I even asked my dog trainer if she thought Miko was lacking in self-esteem. The locals here call her the Dog Whisperer, she’s so tuned into the animals. She looked shocked and said, “No, not at all – he’s running for president!” She said this because he’s so excited to see the other dogs in class, even the ones that are five times his size. So no one would have guessed that his self-esteem was low. It was your ability to see inside of his mind and heart that allowed me to realize the underlying emotional cause of his illness.”

E. Furlong

Massachusetts, USA

“I have had the pleasure of interacting with Claudia well over 14 years when I contacted her the first time on account of my first dog that had passed. Just recently, I lost my second dog and have been scheduling regular calls with Claudia to connect me with both dogs. Over the many years and in all my interactions with Claudia, I will mention that they have been extremely positive and comforting experience. Losing an animal or in my case precious members of my family is heart wrenching, but I would like to commend Claudia for her amazing gift in communicating with Animals, for her kind hearted, compassionate and empathetic demeanor that she consistently demonstrates towards me and for providing me helpful advice and guidance in how to adjust after such a painful loss. Her help is instrumental and even though my dogs may not be here with me in a 3D form with Claudia’s guidance I have come to understand that their energy is always around me. I would highly recommend Claudia for her paramount experience, expertise and Professionalism to anyone who desires to connect with their animals. I will assure you it will be a great experience. I am truly grateful to Claudia for all her help and support she has given me over the years. Thank you”



“I wish to express my great appreciation and satisfaction for the services offered by Claudia.

She is not only an excellent animal communicator, but is above all a great listener, she is patient and an empathetic person.

She understands what pets and their humans need.

With her help, I was able to better understand the problems my animals are dealing with and what to do to help them overcome them. Better yet: I improved my communication skills with my animals and I see tangible results.

Using Claudia’s services is an investment in the quality of life of animals but also for oneself in order to better understand our overall relationship with them.”

Pascal s.

Quebec, Canada

“Thank you Claudia for the wealth of information you shared during your seminar. I was really amazed how much more there is to animals that we don’t even think about. My whole attitude and perspective of animals has changed in the few hours I spend with you. Thank you for opening my eyes, thank you for making me a better guardian to my dogs and cats. I highly recommend your seminars to everyone.”

A. Paul


“Claudia Hehr has been a tremendous help and comfort to me and the cats in my care for several years now. She has helped me to deepen my own understanding of and love for these wonderful creatures that grace my life and, on a practical level, has helped me identify physical problems they have with astonishing accuracy. Prior to a recent dental cleaning that both cats had to endure – a traumatic and stressful event for them and for me – Claudia helped me to ease their fears tremendously. During a typical trip to the veterinarian, both cats are nervous and terrified–nearly impossible to get into their carriers, meowing loudly in protest, and so on. But after I told them what to expect prior to this most recent trip, they went calmly into their carriers and I could see with certainty that the fact that they knew what was happening made a tremendous difference in lowering their stress and easing their fear. While I’ve always known in my heart that these feeling, loving creatures are capable of an incredible range of deep emotion and had my own strong intuition about what their individual personalities were like, finding a gifted medium who was able to ‘translate’ human-to-cat and cat-to-human has sharpened my appreciation for their individuality and deepened my love and commitment to them. More importantly, it has given me specific guidance to use in making decisions about how to give them the best health and emotional support I can.”

A. Jablonski


“Through Claudia’s help I was able to cut my training time in half!!! On top of that, we have won every trial we entered. Claudia is the real deal.”

J. Fischer

Ontario, Canada
“Senzo was an amazing, gentle, sweet Persian cat I had rescued from a pet shop downtown, in 2010. He was almost an adult when I first layed eyes on him. Too old to be sold, nobody wanted him so he was spending his life in this tiny cage, day after day, hoping someone would come and take him home. I didn’t know where he was coming from exactly (as we hardly ever do when it comes to pet shops), all I knew was that he was a pure breed, with all the problems that can come with it, sadly. But I had fallen in love with these big round orange eyes and his sweet, sweet temper. I usually make a point in avoiding pet shops, for all sorts of reasons… but this little fella had to come home with me. I had already made up my mind and that was it.

He led a happy life with me and my other pet companions at home, until one night of July, when I found him laying on the kitchen floor, seemingly choking. His tongue was sticking out, and he obviously had trouble breathing. I thought he was choking on something (he had a habit of chewing things he found here and there so that would have been old news), so I brought him to the emergency vet.

They put him in a tiny glass box with oxygen plugged in, in order to help him breathe, while they performed exams and x-rays on him. The results would devastate me, to say the least.

As it turns out, Senzo had a very bad heart disease that was never detected. The x-rays showed that Senzo had suffered from cardiomyopathy, where the heart muscles thicken and become rigid over time, and it had gotten to the point where his little heart was 3 times its normal size. As a result of this, there was now water in his lungs, which explained why he couldn’t breathe anymore, outside of this oxygen box. We spent 4 hours there that night, trying different medications and treatments, hoping to bring him back to a more normal state.

Sadly, there was nothing more I could do. This was a call for euthanasia, and a very unexpected one. So I finally signed the release papers and stayed with him until the end. I was utterly devastated.

He was only 5 years old!

So I came back home with an empty carrier, balling my eyes out and feeling guilty as heck because, well, no one likes to make this kind of decision. There were so many things I had to say to him, and knowing Claudia well, I contacted her to make an appointment a few days later.

I had spoken with some of my pet companions already, but never with one who had moved on. It was the most amazing thing. He said he was glad we helped him move on, and he assured me that the transition had been easy. He was now at peace, and it made me realize that he was still around. The greatest part for me, apart from knowing he was OK, was learning that Senzo already knew he wasn’t going to make it that night and that I had made the right decision. I was so glad to know that he was ready to go. It made the guilt feelings go away and I could now mourn him without constantly doubting and berating myself for putting him to sleep, so to speak.

There were other beautiful and meaningful things he said to me, that I’ll keep to myself but, all in all, it was the most amazing experience and I’m so glad I had the chance to speak to him one more time, thanks to Claudia.”


Quebec, Canada

“Dude was an amazing white Grand Boxer.

In 2012 his rear legs started to get weak. The vet said he had no pain but that he probably wouldn’t live another year. At one point his rear legs completely stopped working but we decided to buy him a cart so he could enjoy life a little more. It turned out to be fantastic. He was running again, he was happy again. This lasted for more than a year but last summer his body couldn’t take any effort anymore.

In early July 2014 we started wondering if he had enough. He was so skinny and seeing him like that was making us very sad. We took an appointment with the vet but we were so tormented. Does he really want to go? He seemed somehow to still enjoy life…

Someone very close to us knew about Claudia’s work and told us about it. We were a bit skeptical but Dude was the love of our lives. We would, at least, try. We had an appointment with her right away and the experience was just incredible. We had prepared questions to ask and we didn’t even have to ask them. Dude told us right away that he was still enjoying life and that he was not ready to go at all. We were shocked. He also told us about a few more things he would like to do before going and expressed his wish of going on his own, at home, with both of us.

We cancelled the appointment and did everything he wanted. We didn’t think he would last more than a few days. But he kept on getting better. His body was going to give up at some point, we knew that, but he was enjoying life one more time.

Claudia became a very important part of our lives. She saved Dude’s.

We spoke with her 4 different times. The fourth time we called was on September 24th. Dude was very weak but at the same time so peaceful and calm that day. Claudia told us that he was feeling amazingly great. His mind was stronger than ever. He said that he then knew that he would make it. He would go on his own. Later that same day, his greatest wish came true. He left this world on his own, at home, with both of us, in the most beautiful way death can be. He was 11yrs and 9 months old. Claudia accompanied us through all the process. She changed everything. Without her, Dude would have been put to sleep 2 months earlier. It didn’t just give us the chance to live something that just very few people will, it also gave us peace of mind, which would have been very hard to get otherwise. Those two last months with our beloved Dude are just priceless. It changed us forever. We will definitely keep in touch with her and never hesitate to call for another one of our pet companions.”

Simon $ Marianne

Quebec, Canada

“When my baby elkhound Astrid arrived into our home, a few months following the passing of our dog, Ingrid, we were overjoyed! We weren’t expecting, however, that she only had a few months to live, and would need open-heart surgery at six months. Claudia helped us throughout this time, as we communicated with Astrid often. We found out, for instance, that Astrid preferred the idea of surgery in Ottawa, and that she would need it very soon. Astrid survived the operation, and we still communicate through Claudia, from time to time. More recently, I found out through a talk with Claudia, that Astrid was very happy, and didn’t mind putting off her work at the nursing home as a therapy dog for a little while. She just wanted to be free, and have some fun for awhile!”

A. McKay

Quebec, Canada

“Thank you for the wealth of information. I can’t wait to put everything into practice and make my animals’ lives better and happier. It was incredible to see the passion, understanding and knowledge you have about animals. I will definitely recommend your seminars to others.”

L. Harrison

New York, USA

“I just want to thank you for you help! Since we adopted Kobo a year and a half ago he would not drink from his water bowl. He would eat snow, drink from puddles, drink pool water, eat ice cubes but rarely drink from his bowl. I tried everything. I tried a glass bowl, plastic, metal, ceramic and nothing changed.
When I asked you about this you said that he doesn’t like the shape of the bowls. So, I tried a tray and he has been drinking from it ever since!
As a side note, my cat Forest has stopped peeing at the front door!!! You are a miracle worker ?
Many thanks.”



“Hello Claudia – I wanted to let you know how much you helped Rex, and us, with your communication.  Upon my return home after seeing you a couple of Saturdays ago, and giving Rex his next insulin injection – he was a changed cat…accepting, calm, and no longer reacting.  The next day, when we did the glucose curve, he was also most calm and accepting.  This has continued, which makes the ongoing insulin injections and today another glucose curve, so much easier on all of us.  We are all so very grateful. Thank You!”

C. Miller and Family

Ontario, Canada

“The dog is always first for Claudia, and she is totally committed to every dog who comes to her. Perhaps her greatest strength is her ability to communicate with dogs. Claudia is truly gifted in this regard, which is a blessing for every dog and dog owner with whom she comes in contact. I have never met anyone who can communicate with dogs the way she can.”

V. Thompson

British Columbia, Canada

“Claudia Hehr is the Dr. Doolittle of this millennium.”

S. & I. Black

Toronto, Ontario

“I’ve always been an animal lover and always had animal companions at home. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard for us humans to understand just what exactly animals are going through. Unless you seek professional help, there are things you can only try to guess.

One of my cat companions, Knolan, is a very sweet tiny cat that I found on the street and rescued some 15 years ago. As years went by, she started walking more and more slowly, her movements being more and more restrained. Over time she became all crooked. Of course, I thought time had wrought changes and that she was this way because she was getting old. Plus, no vet I had consulted with her (for other reasons) ever got me into thinking otherwise. At the beginning of this year, it had gotten to the point where I was just thinking her time was almost done. Every morning upon waking up, first thing I was doing was to go check on her in case she had died in the night. It’s silly thinking about it now, but that’s how it was.

My sister had consulted Claudia about her dog last year. So when Claudia started her Canada tour, she stopped by to see my sister, and I took this opportunity to go meet with Claudia as well. I brought my dog companion and Knolan with me in order to communicate with them both, Knolan being my priority (my dog is still a puppy so I wasn’t worried about him one bit, just wanted to know how he was enjoying his life so far). I had prepared all sorts of questions for Knolan. General questions as well as more specific questions about her eventually moving on or, like Claudia calls it, “leaving her physical body”. I was very saddened at the thought of asking her these questions, but just thought it had to be done.

Boy, was I surprised! Not only did she refuse to talk about “getting old” or “passing”, she also told me she was still feeling very young and that she was in this physical state because she had pain all over her body, from neck to toes. Claudia began to describe to me the pain she had in her neck, shoulders, waist, lower back, tail, etc. I also learned that Knolan was having a hard time going to the bathroom to urinate. I knew she was urinating regularly; I just didn’t know she had a hard time emptying her bladder. Then Claudia asked me if I ever had her adjusted. Of course not! I never even thought about it. What a revelation it would be!

And so there was the problem with Knolan: she was all “out of tune”, so to speak, probably because of an improper movement once while jumping up or down that had only worsened over time. Following Claudia‘s advice, I took an apointment with a local masso-kinesitherapist I found who is also working on small animals. I asked if he thought he could help and he was very positive. So I went there with Knolan with high hopes.

He worked on every part of her skeleton and joints: the neck, the shoulders, her spine, her tail, as well and the knees, the lower back and the sciatic nerve. Even her ribs needed work! Even more surprising, once the sciatic nerve was back in its place, Knolan’s bladder emptied on the table. It was such a shock. The therapist explained to me that her bladder was all “jammed” because of this misplaced nerve. Never in a million years did I expect HIM to fix her bladder problem. I was so relieved!

Knolan’s physical state is much better now. She’s still sore from her appointment, but her back is now straight. She has more movement. It’s such a pleasure to watch her walk with ease, without being constantly on the verge of falling down.

She might need more tuning up because there was a lot of work to be done on her. But she definitely is on the way of a new and much better life.

I could not thank Claudia enough for what she did for Knolan and myself. It was so worth it. Thank you Claudia!.”



“Hi, Claudia. As you well know, I really enjoyed the seminar. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of conversing with and ultimately understanding my animal friends. I think that it has helped me grow as a human.”

P. Harris


“Claudia, you have a wealth of knowledge about animals that I have never seen before. thank you for sharing it with all of us.”

P. Peter


“Thank you so much for helping my dog-in-law. About a month ago the “owners” were so fed up with with him that they were exploring the options of either giving him up for adoption or putting him down. He couldn’t be left alone in the house or he would destroy it, he would have “accidents” all over their house, and was generally an unhappy dog. Thankfully, as a last resort they agreed to talk with Claudia and let her have a session with their dog to see what was going on in his mind. Today, he is happy dog who can now be left alone and trusted in the house, no more “accidents” and he is extremely playful. He even wags his tail which he never did before. Thank you again Claudia for believing in him and helping to connect the pet and the owners on a whole new level. I will 100% recommend you to anyone who needs to better understand their animal companion.”


Alliston, Ontario

“Claudia has an extraordinary ability to be able to understand what animals are thinking and feeling. She can hear what they would like changed in their lives and what makes them happy. The animals also communicate to her the concerns they have about their health. Her talents don’t stop there. She can also tell what is going on with the animals’ caregiver.

Claudia visited me and my two terriers. She quickly heard that my older dog does not like to be reminded of her age, has an ache in her neck, has trouble seeing and is aware my deceased husband is in the house. Although on a natural diet both dogs would like to eat food more like mine. Claudia learned from my younger dog that she doesn’t like her blue collar and coat but would prefer green. She would also like to have the hair trimmed out of her eyes.

Claudia was also able to tell me the problems I am experiencing. Her readings were astoundingly correct and helpful. Claudia’s direct approach and sharp insight gave me the kind of feedback not available from veterinarians nor from therapists for humans. Every day I have questions about my dogs’ behaviour and welfare for which I am sure Claudia could provide answers to help us be happier together.”

Kathleen M.

Toronto, Ontario

“Claudia, I want to thank you for talking with me and communicating with Romeo. I took your advice and called a chiropractor for Romeo’s hip area, and it turned out, he actually had some muscle bands that needed work. After the treatment Romeo was the happiest little kitty in the world. Thanks for informing me about that. I appreciate it, and Romeo certainly does too!”

S. Panettiere


“Thank you for helping me to understand my dog so much better. This seminar really opened my eyes.”

F. Dickson


“A kennel I had taken my 2 puppies to, lost one of them and frantic to find her I was given a referral by a friend, to Claudia. I booked an appointment to have her communicate with my lost puppy “Squeak” and while on the website noticed that Claudia was doing a session in Toronto, on how to communicate with animals.

I decided to go. I learned that you should talk to your “animal companions” and not only talk to them, but to explain things both verbally and telepathically.

Since our one puppy was lost, I had taken to making sure that we put a halter with all tags, on the puppy we still have, before we go out. She didn’t like this and it would generally take 5 to 10 minutes to get her halter on as she’d shy away from me just out of reach.

I thought back to what Claudia had said the night before and decided to explain to the puppy that we needed to put the halter on her to make sure that if she were lost, whoever found her would be able to get her back home. She stood and looked at me and this time, rather than move away from me. she slowly walked towards me and stood to have the halter put on, in only a couple of minutes.

And she has continued to do this since that day. I now talk to my puppy all the time.

Thank you Claudia.”



“As I tried to figure out where to begin, I realized that working with Claudia has made me understand that there are no beginnings or ends to relationships. All souls are eternal and love transcends all of what we had considered to be boundaries.”

J.F. Parkinson


“Thank you so much for doing this fun and informative animal communication class.  I am so impressed, and I feel like I am remembering what I probably did as a child, naturally and without fear or judgment.”

J. Olafson

Edmonton, Alberta

“When my beloved elkhound Ingrid passed away, I was so devastated that I thought that I would never be able to have another dog again. Ingrid had been my father’s therapy dog for 13 years. Such kindness and devotion I could have never imagined.
I thought if only I could talk to Ingrid…., that’s possibly the only thing that could help me through the terrible grief. It had been about three months since Ingrid’s passing, and when I finally talked to her through Claudia, I was so relieved, and happy. Ingrid explained that everything was in divine order, and there was nothing I could have done additionally to prevent her death. The talk was so comforting that afterwards, I was able to go on living, and find joy again.”

Adële M.


“We first came into contact with Claudia Hehr three years ago and she has totally changed our outlook on our pet companions: currently three cats and one dog. Strong animal lovers, a dog we sought to rescue escaped from us and my wife and I were desperate. Although initially skeptical, Claudia helped to contact the dog and even arranged for the dog to show herself several times to show that she was alright but preferred to live away from people. She then began to help us communicate with our other companions and Claudia always manages to come up with details about our animal companions that only my wife and I know. Further, the fact that our companions now know that they will go to the veterinarian and what will happen, or that we will be away from home for a few days but that they have a pet sitter that they like, has made all of the difference in the world. It lowers their stress (and ours) and improves their behavior in a more stress-free environment.

Claudia has also helped us on several occasions to correctly diagnose maladies that the veterinarians could not find. However, even more amazing was her ability to communicate with cats and dogs that had passed over. Once again, Claudia was able to refer to events that no one else could have known. This not only provided us with a sense of closure and relief from draining emotions, but has allowed us to come to grips with issues that had long bothered us – could we have prevented diseases, improved diets, prevented accidents, etc. A wonderful and caring person in her own right, as well as a close friend, Claudia has improved our lives and our relations with our companions by sharing her gifts with us. We still deal with her at least once a month and more often when we need to urgently communicate with our companions. We continue to recommend her to friends around the world – who are also more than satisfied in dealing with her.”

R. and M. Palmer

Arizona, USA

“Claudia Hehr shares a true gift in her unique ability to relay the messages of our animal companions. She has learned to read and interpret their messages of healing and spirit; concern and encouragement; love and understanding; enthusiasm and joy — for all are mirrors of truth waiting to be revealed. Claudia’s aptitude in translating these messages enables us to look deeper into our own lives, if we dare. Her analogies and stories are simple, yet powerful — just like the messages she receives from the animals she reads. Claudia’s respect and appreciation not only assist her in communicating with these wonderful creatures, but in recognizing that they are exceptional beings in their own right. She has crossed the barrier that separates us from the mystical world of that which is Divine.”

M. Kowalski


“This is now the fifth seminar I have attended and I am learning more every time, amazing. Can’t wait to come to your next seminar.”

R. Miller