Animal Communication Workshops & Events

Have you ever wanted to be able to communicate with your animal companions, understand them better, or just find out more about animals or yourself? You finally have come to the right place!

Join Claudia at one of her amazing and paradigm-shifting events, and let her open the door for you to the wonderful world of animals and you – the real world, not the one we thought we knew. Claudia will help dispel many of the false beliefs that we have about animals and ourselves, and reveal the real truth.

Animals are truly amazing, and really getting to know them (and yourself) is one of the last real secrets left on this earth. Let Claudia show you how.

Attend one of Claudia’s seminars and leave as a different person. A person who finally knows the real truth about animals and yourself. You can also subscribe to Claudia’s email list for upcoming event information and announcements.


More information and dates coming soon.


Previous Workshops & Events:

Animals and the Afterlife

Have you ever wondered what happens when we and our wonderful and most precious animal companions leave our physical bodies? Have you ever been curious to know if there actually is an “afterlife,” or even contemplated what it is, what it looks like, where it is? Would you like to know if we can communicate with our most wonderful animal friends after the transition, and find out where they go, what they do, or if we will ever see each other again? In the telecourse, Animals and the Afterlife, you will not only find the answers to these questions, but also many others that you have about the life after this one.


Telepathic Animal Communication – Foundation:

Would you like to find out how to communicate WITH animals? Would you like to be able to have a real conversation with animals with questions AND answers, and be able to hear what the animals are saying? If your answers are yes, this course is for you.



Halloween is one of the most frightening and exciting holidays for children, but it is also one of the scariest times for most animals—not just on the day of Halloween, but in the weeks leading up to it, as well. Join me and let me teach you how to help your animal companions deal with one of the most stressful times of the year.


Dog (Training) Teaching

It is time to leave the Stone Ages behind and welcome ‘Dog (Training) Teaching’ for the 21st century. ‘Dog (Training) Teaching’ is all about learning how to understand our dog companions, and being able to teach them how to live in our human world.


Verbal Animal Communication

Learning how to communicate with animals verbally is incredibly important, but no one ever really talks about it. If you, like so many people, want to learn how to better communicate verbally—and maybe later on even telepathically—with your animal companions, this seminar is for you. Whether you are an animal guardian, or work professionally with animals, you will want to learn how you can create an extraordinary and deeper relationship with animals that will make your life, and the lives of animals better, happier, more fulfilled and healthier.



Claudia Hehr’s Cross-Canada Tour 2015

In April 2015, Claudia set out on a cross-Canada tour in a motorhome with her eight animal companions. The tour had two goals. The first was to raise awareness that we truly can talk with animals and that better communication with animals can and will improve the lives of animals and people. The second goal was to find the perfect home for homeless animals. Claudia interviewed the animals to find out more about them and the families they were looking for.

The tour was a hugs success, and in the eight months Claudia was on the road she drover over 12,000 km, gave dozens of free lectures, and helped find homes for over 40 animals. Claudia personally re-socialized two of these wonderful animals to human contact, and then re-homed them.

Claudia reached thousands of people, but unfortunately had to stop the tour since winter was approaching, and her vehicle was not up to the task anymore.

More information about Claudia’s cross-Canada tour can be found here.