“We are one – forever.”
Claudia Hehr

‘Moving On’

People often ask me if I can communicate with animals or people who have “died.” The answer is YES. Personally, I do not like to use the words, “died” or “death” because they seem to convey that someone has ceased to exist, or is gone forever, and this is not true.

When animals or humans “die”, the soul leaves the physical body — a body that the soul doesn’t need anymore — to exist in its true form: pure energy. The soul remains in this state until it decides what to do next (for example, reincarnation).

I like to describe this transformation as “moving on”, since this is actually what is happening. We are moving on to the next part of our journey.

A soul is immortal. A soul will not “die”, but rather ‘moves on’. Since telepathy is a soul-to-soul connection, we are able to communicate with souls that have left their physical bodies. Communicating with a precious animal family member or human family member who has ‘moved on’ is very special, and I highly recommend it. This type of communication is nothing to be scared of. Actually, it is quite the opposite; a very helpful and healing experience.

Personally, I talk with all of my animal companions who have ‘moved on’ every single day. They are always with us, never leave us, so why not stay in touch? We are usually the ones who break the connection, not the wonderful souls who have ‘moved on’.