Who are Animals?

When I ask this question, I usually get answers that describe an animal such as “fluffy, four legs, fur, fins, feathers,” or I get a list of different species of animals such as “dogs, horses, cats, tigers.” Although this is WHAT animals are, it is not WHO animals are.

My entire life has revolved around animals. As an animal communicator, I have had the privilege of talking with thousands of animals from hundreds of different species over the last several decades, and I have been blessed to get to know so many wonderful animals on a personal level.

Animals are souls in physical bodies, which they have chosen, and which give them the opportunity to express themselves in this lifetime, to grow, and to expand the universe. They are beings with a conscience, who can think, rationalize, and who have feelings like happiness, joy, and love, but also pain, sorrow, sadness, embarrassment, and much more. They are beings who are just like us.

Of course, we cannot make a dog out of a human, or a cat out of a fish and why would we?

It is this variety of species that makes this world such a wonderful and interesting place. Members of certain species have specific physical and emotional needs. We have to allow animals to be who they are, and ensure that their physical and emotional needs are met, but we also have to recognize that deep down humans and animals are the same.

On a daily basis, I see how wonderful and amazing animals are. They have such important messages for us, and play a huge role in our lives and in the universe. If we choose to be open, listen to what they have to say, and learn from them, their lives will be transformed for the better, and ours will be, too.

Animals however, have different values. They do not care how much money you have, where you live, how big your house is, or what you do for a living. They care about who you are, not what you are. Let’s do the same. Let’s see animals as who they are — wonderful souls with feelings and emotions.

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“We don’t want to be judged,
so please don’t judge animals either.”

Claudia Hehr