The Voice of the Animals Canada Tour


Update (October 2015)

Do to the fact that our motorhome was not made for Canadian winters and the strain the tour had taken on it, and not being able to get a feasible vehicle at the moment, I had to make the decision to stay stationary in the Toronto area for a bit. I do have to make sure my family is safe.
First I was very upset but I just have to change it into a very positive outcome.
There are over 3.5 million people and so many animals living in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), that I should be very busy with presentations here for the winter.
So the tour, even if it is stationary at the moment, CONTINUES!!!!images

Update (September 1st, 2015)

PastedGraphic-1The tour is a huge success!

My animal companions and I have been on the road now for over 4 months, traveled over 12,000 km, have reached thousands of people, and helped many animals to find new homes.

In the 4 months however we have only visited the Maritimes and Newfoundland.

We will have so many provinces and all the territories to visit, that I think the tour might take another 12 months to finish. My family and I are totally committed, but to be able to continue the tour, especially with winter arriving soon, I need to change our vehicle.

Please, do continue to support the tour, it is now more important then ever!

Many thanks.


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Hello Friends:

I am thrilled to share my exciting news! I am currently embarked on an amazing six-month “The Voice of the Animals” Canada Tour to raise awareness about how people can “talk” with animals. I have given up my apartment and belongings for a mobile home and traveling with my dog and cat companions. Our goal is to reach out to communities far and wide to spread the news about how it is not only possible to “talk” with animals but how it can dramatically improve the quality of an animal’s life.

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TourMapAs a dedicated and experienced animal communications expert, this educational tour will involve me giving presentations to show people that animals actually hear when we talk with them and how anyone can help any animal in any situation by knowing how to correctly communicate with them. This information will reduce fear and stress, make humans and animals lives better and easier, as well as save many animal lives.


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I will give presentations, free of charge, wherever people are open to hear the message (pet stores, rescue organizations, boarding stables, coffee shops, community centres, stores, group meetings, businesses, churches — the list is unlimited!). I will show people how they can immediately communicate with any animal correctly so misunderstandings can be eliminated. This will enable people to help animals in all kinds of situations.

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dog_behind_fenceThe tour’s second goal is to find loving and caring forever homes for at least 100 homeless animals. I will focus on animals (dogs, cats, horses, small animals and farm animals) that have been in shelters or rescue organizations for a long time. I will “interview” these wonderful animals to uncover their past, why they act the way they do, or what homes they need and want. I will share on social media the information gathered from these interviews in the hope of attracting the right guardian for these special animals. (The actual adoption process will be in the hands of shelters or rescue organizations.)

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This tour has been in the works for several years and I am 100 percent committed to improving the quality of life for as many animals as possible. I will literally give up everything (apartment and possessions) to make this tour a reality. This is a huge, but important, undertaking and I invite you to partner with me in helping the animals in whatever way you can. Here’s how your can get involved:

Financial Assistance: I estimate I will travel 20,000 km across Canada to help the animals. Donations to help with gas and other expenses would be greatly appreciated. Sponsors will be acknowledged on my website (with your permission of course). Click here to support the tour!

Spread the Word: Please help me spread the news of the “The Voice of the Animals” Canada Tour to any person or organization that might be interested in holding a presentation. Please promote the tour on social media among your friends, colleagues and interested parties. Likewise, if you know anyone in the media (radio, TV or newspaper) who might be interesting in promoting the tour, please contact me. (I have lots of promotional pieces ready (poster, press release and newspaper article). The more people who know about this tour, the faster we will reach its important goals!

I truly need your help to help the animals. On behalf of myself and all the animals that we will reach out and help during the “The Voice of the Animals” Canada Tour, thank you so very much and have you hugged your animal companion today?

Claudia Hehr

thankyou1PS: During the tour, I will continue to be available for private consultations.

PSS: Please stay tuned, more information coming soon.

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