Tour 2022

On The Road Again


On The Road Again (Soon)

Spring has arrived and with it I have some fantastic and wonderful news that I want to share with you.
So many times many of you have been and are asking me:
– “when are you going to be on the road again”,
– “when are you going to be in ….”, or
– “can you come and give a seminar in …”?
The time has come, my family and I, we will be back on the road again this summer.

I just got a 2017 Dodge Promaster, who has had a ruff past, so absolute perfect to join us and start a new life and be loved and looked after.
I named him “Rami”.
(To let you in on a secret, which vehicle would have been better suited than one who has the features of a beautiful animal outlined on the front of the vehicle?)
I am converting Rami into a motorhome and once it is all finished we are ready to go back on the road, again.

This time the tour has 4 goals:
Raising Awareness
Saving Lives


In 2015 I embarked on a “Cross Canada Tour” in an old motorhome with my 5 dog and 3 cat companions. The goal was to raise awareness to the fact that we truly can ‘talk’ with animals and that better communication with animals can and will improve the lives of animals and people. The second goal was to find the perfect home for homeless animals. I interviewed the animals to find out more about them and the families they were looking for.
The tour was a huge success, and in the eight months we were on the road I drove over 12,000 km, gave dozens of free lectures, reached tens of thousands of people and helped find homes for over 40 homeless animals. I personally re-socialized two of these wonderful animals to human contact, and then re-homed them.
The interest was huge, and my plan was to go continue with the tour till I covered all of Canada even if it would take several years. Unfortunately I had to stop the tour since our motorhome was not up to the task anymore, we had inadequate heating and winter was approaching fast.

Now I want to continue my tour.
If you are interested in a free presentation or want to support the tour, please contact me.


If you are interested in hosting or attending a seminar in your area, please get in touch with me so we can discuss more details.

Some seminar topics include:
Animal Communication (verbal and telepathic)
The Secret to Animals
Dog (Training) Teaching
and many more.
We can also talk about a customized seminar for your group or club.


As many of you know, I recently started a huge project,

Most animal shelters are just that, a place where abused, neglected, tortured and unwanted animals find shelter, some food and unfortunately sometimes not event that.
In any case none of them are a place where an abused or neglected animal can totally feel safe, be able to let go of the past and confidently looking forward to a new and happy future and life.
I am going to change that.

I once made a huge change for dogs when I opened Canada’s first official dog day care centre in 1992, Dogs’ Paradise Inc. It was cage free, dogs interacted with each other and had the entire place to roam around and a backyard. It was a house setting, not an industrial unit, and all the dogs were able to go outside in a fenced-in area whenever they wanted or needed to. In the summer we even had an inflatable pool, so my wonderful dog friends were able to cool off and having a fantastic time.
Up until then, the only places you were able to leave your dog companion for the day were either at the veterinarian, where your dog companion had to sit in a cage all day, or in a horrible boarding kennel usually located outside of the city which consisted of wired fencing enclosures with concrete flooring, most of them not even heated in the winter.
Once I opened my dog day care centre and dog guardians saw what was possible, they demanded more for their dog companions. Now, there are dog day care centres everywhere and dog boarding places have improved 1,000% as well – from dingy cages to open cage free places.

Now I am doing the same for animal shelters. Once people see what is possible, they want better conditions for homeless animals, too. Animals deserve more and it is not their fault that they end up in places like that.
I will build a place for animals, where, no matter if they are staying for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or longer, feel like home, feel safe, happy and can regain their physical, emotional and spiritual strength. A place where they can start trusting again, a place where bonded animals will stay together and not be torn apart, a place the animals can call home, for as long as they need it.
My goal is to build one Animal Home as a flagship, an example, and then build them all over the world.

If you are interested in helping me change the lives of homeless animals, making a real difference for them, you can help by hosting a fundraiser, a presentation, volunteering, or being part of this amazing and wonderful project in other ways, please contact me.

Together we WILL make a difference.


Sometimes we hear about animals who have done amazing things.
Animals who have traveled hundreds or even thousands of kilometers to reunite with their families, alerted people about upcoming disasters, overcome incredible obstacles, saved human lives, and the list goes on and on.
We read about these wonderful animals but one thing that is always overlooked, never even mentioned is, how do the animals feel about what they went through, how were they able to find their ways home actors the country, what were their worries, their concerns, what was their motivation to go on and on?
Wouldn’t you like to hear what they have to say?
I would like to interview animals who have done the unthinkable and give you their side of the story, let them tell you how they felt, the worries, the obstacles, the challenges they had to overcome. Tell you their side of the story and honouring them.

If you share your life with an animal who has dome amazing things or know an animal who has, please contact me.

I am so much looking forward being on the road again and meeting so many wonderful animals and you.
See you soon.
Blessings, health and have you told your animal companions how special they are today?