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Talk with the Animals Seminar Series – LIVE in Toronto

Are you ready to hear the animals?

These seminars are an experience like no other. No matter what you have always wanted to know about animals – their thoughts, feelings, what they want, what they need, how they see things, what they have to say, how to better communicate with them – these seminars will change the way you see animals, and show you who they really are. It is time. Come and experience animals from a totally different perspective.

Live, in a small group with Claudia and the animals, experience what it feels like to have a conversation with animals. What do they say? How do they feel? Get all the answers and more during one of Claudia’s seminars. Come and hear for yourself what the animals have to say, and change your life.


Meet the Animals – Meet different animals from different species under different circumstances in different places like Riverdale Farm, High Park Zoo and Ripley’s Aquarium. Find out how the animals feel, and what they have to say. Take this opportunity to meet and talk with the animals in small groups and let Claudia answer your questions and translate what the animals have to say.

(Please leave your animal companions in the comfort of your home. These seminars are to meet and talk with the animals who live at the places we will be visiting).

Meditations – During a meditation you will have the opportunity to experience what animals think and feel in different circumstances. Take this opportunity to be closer to an animal than you have ever been before.

Q & A Sessions – During this seminar, you will get answers to any questions you have ever had about animals or animal communication.

Next Seminar: Meet the Animals, Sat. Jan. 28th, 2016. 9:30 am – 11:30 am, Highpark Zoo. Rain or shine.

Preregistration required.

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Seminar Series Toronto – LIVE. 

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* Entrance fees, if applicable, are extra and NOT included in the price.


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