“If Only Animals Could Talk…” – E-book


Have you ever wanted to talk to your animal companions, wanted to ask how they are feeling, or what they are thinking?

This e-book is a wonderful introduction to telepathic animal communication.

Claudia shows that animals truly can talk. Filled with sage advice and illuminating conversations, this is a guide for both companions and animal care professionals.


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“If only animals could talk…”

Have you ever wanted to talk with your animal companions?
Wanted to know how they are feeling, what they are thinking?
Wanted to ask why they are sad, or afraid, or what they like or dislike?
Wanted to know why they do what they do?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were able to talk with your best friends?

Just imagine!
It doesn’t matter if you are a guardian or a professional, wouldn’t it make life so much easier, so much richer if you were able to talk with your animal companions?!
It is possible.


I am very grateful that I was able to write this book and that you are taking the time to read it to find out more about who these wonderful beings called animals really are.

This e-book is not intended to teach you how to communicate with animals—although sometimes with a pure understanding of something we might actually be able to do it—but rather it is written to raise awareness of the fact that animals really can talk.

One of my purposes and wishes in life is to change the way most people see animals. We should recognize and respect animals as living, intelligent beings with feelings and emotions and not as ‘things.’ Once people realize that animals can talk and think, and that they have feelings and are not just dumb and mute, I believe that people will finally see that there is no difference between ‘us’ and ‘them.’ With that new understanding, hopefully humans will give animals the respect they so desperately need and deserve.

For me, talking with animals is one of the most wonderful things that we are able to do and experience. The conversations I shared with some wonderful animals are transcribed later in this book. Through them you will get a glimpse of who animals really are and will recognize that they can talk and are living souls just like us.

Thank you for caring.


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