Please Adopt Me

[fusion_text]As you all know, my second goal for the tour is to find homes for at least 100 homeless animals of all species who have been in a shelter or with a rescue for a long time, or are having a harder to find a home due to ‘issues.’

I will be interviewing the animals, either en route or over distance, to find out more about them, see how they view things, find out what really happened to them, and discover why they do what they do. Once I understand their behaviors, I hope to find their perfect loving and forever homes. I will also ask the animals what kind of home and family they would like to have in the future.

If you are interested in adopting any of these wonderful animals, please get in touch with the animal’s shelter or rescue. I am not involved in the adoption process.[/fusion_text][blog number_posts=”-1″ offset=”” cat_slug=”adopt-me” exclude_cats=”” title=”yes” title_link=”yes” thumbnail=”no” excerpt=”no” excerpt_length=”35″ meta_all=”no” meta_author=”no” meta_categories=”no” meta_comments=”no” meta_date=”no” meta_link=”no” meta_tags=”no” paging=”no” scrolling=”pagination” strip_html=”yes” blog_grid_columns=”3″ blog_grid_column_spacing=”40″ layout=”medium” class=”” id=””][/blog][fusion_text]Please help me to help these wonderful animals find the loving and forever homes which they so much deserve by forwarding this page link to all of your contacts, and via social media.

Rescues and Shelters:

If you have an animal that you would like me to interview, please do get in touch with me. I would appreciate it if you could share this link and my contact information with your contacts, and via social media, as well.

Together we can do this.

Many thanks,