“Animals can talk. Not hearing animals would be one of the greatest losses humankind could ever encounter.” ~ Claudia Hehr

Communication is an exchange of information.

There are many different ways we communicate with each other – verbally, through body language and scent, with the help of sign or symbols, etc. – but all of these methods are only “one-way-streets” when it comes to our animal companions and friends.

They only give us the ability to tell our animal companions what we want, but don’t give us any answers to our questions since animals don’t answer back in English or whatever other language we speak.

The only way we can talk WITH animals, and have a conversation with questions AND answers, is through telepathy.

What is telepathic (animal) communication or interspecies telepathic communication?

Have you ever wanted to talk with your animal companions, wanted to ask how they feel, what they think, why they are sad or afraid? Have you ever wanted to know about their past, their wishes, their goals or dreams? It is possible. Animals can talk!  Telepathic animal communication is the ability to connect with animals telepathically. I call it a soul-to-soul connection because we connect with the animal’s soul. Telepathy is the ability to transmit images, feelings, emotions, thoughts, intentions and sensations, or just a sense of “knowing” from one participant’s mind to another’s without the use of speech, writing or any other signs or symbols. It is a form of ESP (extrasensory perception). It is also known as the Universal Language, and the most basic form of communication. You use it all the time even if you are not aware of it.

Which animals can I communicate with?

You can communicate with all animals — cows, pigs, horses, dogs, cats, fish, ants – all species. Personally, I have spoken with all kinds of different animal species, from the smallest living animal, the one-celled amoeba, to the largest animal known on earth, the blue whale.