In the News – Sea Lion in BC

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By now you have probably heard about the girl who was grabbed by a sea lion while she sat on the edge of a pier in BC. Of course, everyone is outraged. Some people even want the sea lion to be euthanized. I am asking, “WHY????” This wonderful sea lion was definitely not at fault. If you watch the video…



Today Tilikum left his physical body. Tilikum brought joy to millions of people, but unfortunately, for most of his life he was totally misunderstood. So sorry Tilikum. It was and is an honour communicating with you. Safe journey my dear friend, safe journey. We love you.   Please read the full story:



Please save Scarface. Scarface has been in the news for attacking his guardians. All that we have heard is that a “pit bull” attacked his guardians while they were trying to put a sweater on him. According to reports, Scarface did not let up even when the guardians’ son started stabbing him with a knife. When I spoke with Scarface,…


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Many of you probably heard about the two capybara that recently escaped from the High Park Zoo in Toronto. Last week I spoke with both of them to see if I could be of help and to give them a chance to tell their side of the story and for you to find out how they feel about everything. When…



Tragically a few days ago, Harambe, a beautiful and amazing gorilla, had to give his life for an action that was totally misunderstood by people. Some say he was aggressive, some say he was protective, others say he was agitated. Everyone is just guessing. So what did really happen? To find out the truth I spoke with Harambe himself and…