“If Only Animals Could Talk …”

Have you ever wanted to talk to your animal companions, wanted to ask how they are feeling, or what they are thinking?

This e-book is a wonderful introduction to telepathic animal communication.

Claudia shows that animals truly can talk. Filled with sage advice and illuminating conversations, this is a guide for both companions and animal care professionals.

Dog Guardians’ Pocket Guide of Training Commands

This illustrated e-book, which features 29 helpful commands, explains the most important dog “teaching” rules you’ll ever need to know. Its ease-of-use makes it the perfect tool for teaching your dog companion.

The only guide you will need to ‘teach’ your dog companion.

5 Ways to make your animal companion happier

Sharing our lives with animals is absolutely amazing! Having an animal as a companion, friend or family member is one of the most wonderful relationships we can ever experience. As a guardian, we want to do the best for our animal companions. We want them to be healthy, and we want them to be happy. But what does that mean?

Breakfast, Dinner and Everything in Between

Breakfast, Dinner and Everything in Between

Sorry, temporary out of print.

Kitty Karma

Kitty Karma – Big Stories Of Small Cats Who Change our Lives is a collection of uplifting cat stories by different authors

Frankie’s Calling is a contribution by Claudia Hehr

All net proceeds will be donated to charities for homeless, ill, and disabled cats.


Sekhmet and the Goddess

A collection of inspiring stories about a cat.

Limited edition. Not available for retail.