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In the last few days I had the honour of grooming a wonderful long haired cat. Her fur was totally matted and needed to be shaved down. She is very shy and had hardly been handled let alone groomed in her entire life (10 years). Before starting I made a point of explaining to her who I was and what…



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We are all set up in Toronto now. If you or anyone you know are interested in a presentation or a workshop, please, do let me know. Many thanks.  


The Tour Continues

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My goal was to be back on the road on Oct. 15th. Well, we are! Not the way I thought, but the tour continues! I still have not found a new vehicle and the one we have is just not up to the task and with the weather changing it was getting dangerous for my family. It was quite an…


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Thank you all for your wonderful emails. The question I posted yesterday, “what do animals think about”, really got you going. Animals, just like us think about a lot of different things. Yes, of course, animals do not think about what clothes to wear the next day, or what’s the newest hype you should have or buy, but animals, unlike…


Helping Hands

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A couple of days ago a client of mine said that she had been told that animals, who help us with energy work, or who visit people in hospitals or retirement homes, have no issue with this and can just shake things off and will not be affected by it at all. I want to strongly disagree with this! Animals…