For sure it has been a hot spring and the first few days of summer have been very hot here too. As always, the hydro companies remind us to save power and I totally agree. As many of you know, I love the environment and certainly save energy whenever possible. In fact, during “Earth Hour” there is nothing that I…


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Many of you probably heard about the two capybara that recently escaped from the High Park Zoo in Toronto. Last week I spoke with both of them to see if I could be of help and to give them a chance to tell their side of the story and for you to find out how they feel about everything. When…

Visiting Zoos


When visiting a zoo, we have to realize that we are not just entering a park, a playground, or an amusement park. No, when we are visiting a zoo, we are entering an area of homes. We are entering the homes of all the animals who live there and therefore we should treat the zoo area with respect. When someone,…



Tragically a few days ago, Harambe, a beautiful and amazing gorilla, had to give his life for an action that was totally misunderstood by people. Some say he was aggressive, some say he was protective, others say he was agitated. Everyone is just guessing. So what did really happen? To find out the truth I spoke with Harambe himself and…

Happy Birthday

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As many of you know, my birthday is coming up June 02nd. I would like to celebrate it with you and your animal family. Please, let me give you and your animal companions a special gift. Schedule a 30 min. phone session between Thu. June 03rd and Mon. June 06th, 2016 and you will get 10 additional min. absolutely free.…

claudia hehr workshops


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Please come and visit me this weekend at Woofstock. Woofstock is the largest dog outdoor event in North America. It is in Toronto at Woodbine Park. Come and visit me at my booth and join me during my presentation Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 am to 11:30 on the stage. Looking forward seeing you there.  

Bucket List

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Most of the reasons why people want to communicate with their animal companions are for wellness and behaviour questions. Last weekend however I had an amazing session. One of my clients wanted to know from her three dog companions what was on their “bucket list”. We had asked them a few weeks before and they were not sure so after…