In the News – Sea Lion in BC

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By now you have probably heard about the girl who was grabbed by a sea lion while she sat on the edge of a pier in BC. Of course, everyone is outraged. Some people even want the sea lion to be euthanized. I am asking, “WHY????” This wonderful sea lion was definitely not at fault. If you watch the video…

One Happy Family

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One of my clients has four wonderful cat companions who did not get along. When we talked with everyone, I was able to find out that there were many misunderstandings between them. We talked about them all and I was able to get each of these wonderful cats to understand why the others were acting the way they did. I…

Kobo is drinking again.

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Just recently I had a conversation with a wonderful dog named Kobo (and his cat sister Forest). Kobo did not want to drink out of his water bowl even though his guardian tried everything possible, including all kinds of different water bowls, to get Kobo to drink water, but nothing helped. This was a tricky situation since we all know…

A winter walk in the city

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Getting ready for a walk in the city takes a bit. First we need protection from the salt on the roads and sidewalks (good shoes are a necessity) and we also need protection against the cold (since walking on leash gives not much opportunity go run yourself warm). And of course, quality check is a must. Stay safe and warm.



Today Tilikum left his physical body. Tilikum brought joy to millions of people, but unfortunately, for most of his life he was totally misunderstood. So sorry Tilikum. It was and is an honour communicating with you. Safe journey my dear friend, safe journey. We love you.   Please read the full story: