Meet Claudia Hehr—the Voice of and for the Animals.

Claudia Hehr truly has dedicated her life to animals. Since early childhood she has had a very special connection with animals. She somehow just ‘knew’ what the animals were thinking, and what was going on in the lives of the dogs, cats, horses, birds, insects, and all the other species that she saw and met.

Growing up in Germany with alcoholic parents and a mentally abusive mother, Claudia mastered the art of survival. Rather then following in her parents’ footsteps and becoming an alcoholic herself, Claudia turned years of fears and agony into abilities which she now uses to help change the lives of animals and humans around the world for the better, and to change the way we see animals forever.

After finishing school Claudia was picked out of almost 400 applicants for a two-and-a-half-year apprenticeship in management with one of Europe’s largest corporations—Mercedes Benz. After successfully completing her apprenticeship, Claudia accepted the offer of a full-time position that many only dream of. However, her heart was never in it so one and a half years later Claudia quit her job—which she was told over and over again would be the biggest mistake she could ever make—to fulfill a lifelong dream to come to North America.

Claudia worked for several years as a nanny to obtain an open work permit that allowed her to fulfill another dream—to work with animals and start her own business. This allowed her to finally adopt a dog companion and bring him to work. Claudia never believed in leaving dogs alone all day long.

Ever since, Claudia has been a trendsetter in the animal field. Her business, Dogs’ Paradise Inc., was a dog walking, training, and animal sitting agency—a service not too many people even knew existed back then. Soon after, she realized that there was a real need for a safe place where people could bring their dog companions during the day if the need arose, for example, on moving days, during renovations, and on other similar occasions.

So, in 1992 Claudia opened Canada’s first official dog day care centre, a place without cages where dogs were able to play with other dogs in a loving and safe environment. However, she was not allowed to call it a dog day care since there were no by-laws about such a place.

A few years later, Claudia went into animal communication full time. Again, most people had never heard of animal communication.

Today Claudia truly is The Voice of and for the Animals. For Claudia, humans and animals are the same: “We are all souls in physical bodies through which we have chosen to express ourselves in this lifetime.” For several decades now Claudia has been helping clients all around the world who come to her to find out what their animal companions need. By using her ability to communicate with animals telepathically, she assists in areas as diverse as behaviour issues, wellness issues, traumas, fears and many other areas, and also reconnects people with their animal family members who have left their physical bodies. Claudia has worked with many organizations to educate people about the fact that we are able to communicate with animals.

Claudia is not only a translator between animals and humans; the connection goes much deeper. As an empath she is also able to feel what the animals experience physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This connection gives Claudia an insight into each animal that goes much farther than just being a translator. She has the advantage of an incredible depth of knowledge and understanding of animals. Not only can Claudia feel and know physically what’s going on with animals, having no separation from animals really makes her understand animals’ behaviours, reasoning, and actions like no one else.

Now Claudia is working on another lifelong dream, the biggest one ever—a paradigm shift in the way that we view animals. So much that we think we know about animals is not right. Through her special connection with animals, Claudia is able to correct this misinformation and end the needless suffering of animals that in many cases can even lead to an early ‘death.’

Claudia is revealing the truth about animals by showing us who animals really are, how they understand what we are saying and see and experience life and the world, what they are thinking, what they need, and why they do what they do. This totally unique perspective introduces a new way of seeing and sharing our lives with the animals.

The groundbreaking information that Claudia is sharing with us will change our lives, and the lives of all animals for the better. It bridges the gap between humans and animals, bringing us closer together, and making this world a better place for all animals forever.

Claudia’s Goals

“My goals in life are to change the paradigm that exists around animals, to show that animals are just like us — souls with feelings and emotions who can think, to help animals get the respect they need and deserve, to make this world a better and safer place for all animals to live, and to bridge the gap that unfortunately exists between humans and animals.”

“Animals are just like us, only the outside is different.”

Claudia Hehr