Meet Claudia Hehr, The Voice of the Animals™

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a very special connection with animals. I just somehow ‘knew’ what the animals I met and saw were thinking, and what was going on in their lives. It didn’t matter if it was a dog, a cat, a horse, a bird, or even an insect.

I grew up in Germany. After finishing school and getting a business degree, I was working for a few years with one of Germany’s largest companies. I then came to Canada as a nanny, and after receiving my open work permit, I started my own business.

I wanted to be my own boss so I could adopt a dog companion and bring him with me to work.

I had always wanted to work with animals, so I started a dog walking, training and pet sitting agency, a service not too many people were using back then.

Shortly after that, I opened Canada’s first official dog day care centre, Dogs’ Paradise Inc.

A few years later, I went full time into animal communication. I now have clients around the world who use my services to communicate with their animal companions about issues such as behaviour, wellness, traumas, and fears. I also re-connects people with their animal family members who have left their physical bodies.

A huge part of my work now focuses on education. For as long as I can remember, I have always known that there was more to animals than we thought. Over the years, after talking with thousands of animals of different species from the one-cell amoeba to the largest animal now know on the planet, the blue whale, I have learned that what we think we know about animals is not the truth.

My goal in life is to change the paradigm that exists around animals and show people who animals truly are – wonderful souls with feelings and emotions, who can think and who can communicate with us and we with them.

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Claudia’s Goals

“My goals in life are to change the paradigm that exists around animals, to show that animals are just like us — souls with feelings and emotions who can think, to help animals get the respect they need and deserve, to make this world a better and safer place for all animals to live, and to bridge the gap that unfortunately exists between humans and animals.”

“Animals are just like us, only the outside is different.”

Claudia Hehr