claudia speaking about new year's resolutions in 2019

New Year’s/Day’s Resolution

Happy New Year.


New Year’s/ New Day’s resolution

Many people make a New Year’s resolution which can be things like
living a healthier life.
exercising more,
eating better.
reading a book.
All those resolutions are wonderful, but how about making a New Year’s resolution that includes our most wonderful animal companion?

“Be the guardian your animal companion deserves you to be.”

What does that mean?

– Spend more time with your animal companions.
Make sure that you spend more quality time with your animal companions. Time that you totally focus on your animal companions and not divide with other things like being on your phone, checking out social media and so on.

– Be more patient.
Don’t rush around. Take more time to teach your animal companions things. Take more time to let your dog companion sniff on a bush or to look around or play.

– Have more understanding.
Many actions that our animal companions do are misunderstood by us.
Let’s take some time and see things from our animal companion’s perspective.

Rather then making this a New Year’s resolution, let’s make it a New Day’s resolution.
Let’s start every day with:
“Be the guardian your animal companion deserves you to be.”
This will make a huge difference in your animal companion’s life. It will make your relationship better and happier too.