Verbal Animal Communication

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Verbal Animal Communication

Learning how to communicate with animals verbally is incredibly important, but no one ever really talks about it. If you, like so many people, want to learn how to better communicate verbally—and maybe later on even telepathically—with your animal companions, this seminar is for you. Whether you are an animal guardian, or work professionally with animals, you will want to learn how you can create an extraordinary and deeper relationship with animals that will make your life, and the lives of animals better, happier, more fulfilled and healthier.

Date: Wednesday, September 13th, 2017
Time: 7 pm – 9 pm EDT
Location: Telecourse (from anywhere in the world)
Cost: $297.00 (long distance charges may apply) Register before August 30th and save $ 100.

What is a telecourse?

A telecourse is a course that is held over the phone. When you register, you receive a designated telephone number and an access code. The benefits are amazing! A telecourse allows you to participate in the class from anywhere in the world. From the convenience of your own home, at the beach, or where ever else you might be, you can gain valuable information without worrying about traffic, or leaving your animal family alone at home. You will also save on travel costs and time.There are no excuses, so register today.


For years, I had used several communicators. After each session, I never felt complete, but could never really put my finger on why. I consistently had issues with my pets and this was very stressful, but then I found Claudia and now I am in awe. The depth of her communication skills with animals is phenomenal, and for the first time in all these years someone told me what I was doing wrong. Claudia helped me to understand how I was miscommunicating with my pets, and why they constantly misunderstood what I was saying. Of course, this is what was causing all the stress and anxiety for me and my pets in the first place. I practiced what Claudia had taught me, and after only a couple of days, everything changed. Now I can explain things to my pets, and they listen and understand. They cooperate, and it is a joy for all of us. We are now closer than we have ever been before. Thanks to this knowledge, our lives have changed forever. I will continue to use Claudia’s services to make sure that my pets are OK, and have everything they need.

Brent K., Alberta

My dog was sick and I was full of fear that he would leave me. He is my life, my best friend. After taking Claudia’s course, I now understand that I was a big contributor to his stress and ill health. After practicing what Claudia taught me, I am now able to relieve his stress and worry, and I am happy to say that his health has improved dramatically in only two weeks. I cannot thank you enough, Claudia. You have given my baby his life back, and mine too. God bless you.

Liz B., California

Claudia has changed my life forever. Since I started using her principles, I have in a very short time learned how to talk to my animals, and am now able to easily communicate with them and help them in any situation. This is especially true for Benji, one of my cats who I rescued five years ago, and who has been hiding for most of this time. He is now snuggling with me at night-a true miracle. I cannot thank you enough, Claudia. You saved my little Benji.

Susan T., England

This course has taught me more than I could have ever wished for-absolutely mind boggling.Thanks, Claudia.

Peter S., California

Wow, I had no idea what I was actually saying to my animals. No wonder every day was a struggle. Now, my relationship with my dogs is happy, relaxed, and totally amazing.

Clair K., Ontario

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