In the News – Sea Lion in BC

By now you have probably heard about the girl who was grabbed by a sea lion while she sat on the edge of a pier in BC. Of course, everyone is outraged. Some people even want the sea lion to be euthanized.

I am asking, “WHY????”

This wonderful sea lion was definitely not at fault.

If you watch the video that went viral very carefully, you will see that people were putting their hands close to the water to attract the sea lion, teasing the sea lion, and offering her food. Even though the sea lion tried to swim away many times, the people did not let up, and would not leave the sea lion alone. Their offerings of food excited the sea lion, and when they teased her by offering her a hand instead of something to eat, it made her upset. When the sea lion took what was offered—at first, bread which is not good for sea lions at all, and then the lower back of the girl— everyone was outraged.

Why? The sea lion did exactly what they had asked her to do. She took something that was offered to her!!!

When I spoke with this wonderful animal, I learned that she had no intention of hurting the girl in any way!!! The sea lion was actually surprised to discover that what she had grabbed – gently, otherwise you would have seen bite marks – was a human. She let the girl go right away when she recognized what she was holding.

If the sea lion had wanted to hurt the girl, or had acted very aggressively, the girl would not have walked away without any injuries. Since the sea lion let go of the girl as soon as she recognized what she was holding, I would have to say that the sea lion was the superior race in this case.

This unfortunate situation is also a wonderful example of action and reaction. Action: People offered something to the sea lion. Reaction: The sea lion took what was offered—the child who did not respect the animal’s personal space.

We need to think of the actions we take towards animals. Most people do not do this. Then, they complain and blame the animals for their reactions, but the action always comes first, just like in this situation.

Animals have feelings and emotions and can think, just like us. So, the next time you take an action towards an animal, ask yourself, would you like someone to do this to you?

Animals need our respect, love, and cooperation.