Kobo is drinking again.


Just recently I had a conversation with a wonderful dog named Kobo (and his cat sister Forest).

Kobo did not want to drink out of his water bowl even though his guardian tried everything possible, including all kinds of different water bowls, to get Kobo to drink water, but nothing helped.

This was a tricky situation since we all know how important it is to drink plenty of clean and fresh water daily to stay healthy.

After our conversation I got this wonderful email form Kobo’s guardian:

“Hi Claudia,
I just want to thank you for you help! Since we adopted Kobo a year and a half ago he would not drink from his water bowl. He would eat snow, drink from puddles, drink pool water, eat ice cubes but rarely drink from his bowl. I tried everything. I tried a glass bowl, plastic, metal, ceramic and nothing changed.
When I asked you about this you said that he doesn’t like the shape of the bowls. So, I tried a tray and he has been drinking from it ever since!
As a side note, my cat Forest has stopped peeing at the front door!!! You are a miracle worker 🙂
Many thanks,

Go Kobo go!!!!! and thanks Forest for listening too!!!

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