Please save Scarface.

Scarface has been in the news for attacking his guardians. All that we have heard is that a “pit bull” attacked his guardians while they were trying to put a sweater on him. According to reports, Scarface did not let up even when the guardians’ son started stabbing him with a knife.

When I spoke with Scarface, he told me that he was terrified that something would happen to him when the sweater was being put on him. He panicked, and tried to protect himself. Now, keep in mind that one of the only ways that a dog can protect himself is by using his teeth. Already terrified, Scarface was then viciously attacked by the guardians’ son who stabbed him in the neck with a knife. Yes, I knife!!! Scarface said that this sent him into total survival mode. He was in serious pain, and his adrenals went into overdrive. Things got even worse when people surrounded him, shouted at him, and even used a taser on him. All of a sudden, all of the people that he trusted turned on him, and he felt that he had to fight for his life. He had no time to think, he had to act.

Who can blame him?????
How would you react if something that terrifying happened to you? Wouldn’t you try to defend yourself? If someone tried to pull something over your head, wouldn’t you be so scared and horrified that you would try to stop whoever was doing this to you in any way that you could? And then, if you were stabbed with a knife, wouldn’t you go crazy and fight for your life, too?

I am sure that your answer is yes. You would use anything that you could get your hands on to save your life. Scarface did the same; the only difference is that all he had to use were his teeth.

The entire incident was a terrible accident that got out of control. Nobody gave Scarface a chance to calm down, or to catch his breath so that he could understand what was going on. Nobody tried to talk to him, or explain things to him. No, he was attacked from every angle.
Everyone expected Scarface to calm down, but how could he? He was the one being attacked.

If you have watched the video, you will have seen how Scarface staggered in front of the animal control car as he tried to stay on his feet while he was being dragged along (sh. picture, the red around his neck is his blood from the stabbing wound). And, just after being terrified by his guardians putting a sweater on him—the act that caused the incident in the first place—someone tried to put a towel over him to get him into the car???!!!!!!!

Please, let Scarface live. He was scared, and fighting for his life, just like any of us would have done in that situation.

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