What do animals REALLY say?


Setting the record straight.

A friend of mine sent me an email in response to one of my Facebook posts regarding what names animals would give us.

She wrote: ” In my animal communication books, the animal communicator says that animals have called them idiots, jerks, etc…. Is this true? Do animals really call us that?” she asked.

She also wrote, “This squirrel asked an animal communicator to get him nuts, and she wasn’t able to at that moment. The squirrel said that he would wait for her to get some nuts, and the animal communicator said it might be a while. The squirrel then said, “I can’t wait forever, idiot,” and left. Furthermore, she told me that in other books she had read about a cat calling someone stupid… and her list went on and on.

My friend’s question to me was:

“Do animals call others idiot, jerk, stupid, and the like? I thought animals were more understanding and compassionate. I’m confused. So do they name call then? Isn’t that something humans do? I thought animals didn’t judge. Not sure if name calling is judging.”

To be honest, when I got her email, I was very, very upset. Animals truly are not like that. Over the years, I have communicated with thousands of animals, and I have never heard an animal call another animal or human any such name. It is more often the case that we say something to animals that makes them feel sad, disappointed or discouraged, but never, ever do they have an attitude where they are looking down on someone.
Animals do not judge. They do not display the human attitude of, “You did this to me, so I do that to you.”

I have always said that we are all the same. What I mean by this is that we are all souls in physical bodies who can think, rationalize and have feelings.
Of course, there are some differences between species.
As much as a fish needs water to survive, a bird needs air to fly.
As much as a bunny eats vegetables, a shark needs meat to survive.
Judgment, however, is a human attitude.
Not being judgmental is definitely something we can learn from the animals.

When you use an animal communicator, it is very important to know what filters they are using, in other words, what their beliefs are. Filters and beliefs can distort the messages that animals are relaying. More about this in another post.

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