Day 112 – Sharks

IMG_3613Well, we did not see any sharks here but what do you think about sharks?

What is the first thing that comes into your mind….?

A while ago I had the honour of communicating with a great while shark. What an amazing soul!

The first think he did, he asked me a question: “Why do people hate us!”

Yes, he asked: “Why do people hate us”.

Sharks are not serial killers like most people think, they do not swim around in the oceans hiding behind a rock and wait for the next person to get. No, when they are hungry and we happen to be in their path, they might attack and since we are not fast swimmers….. .

It is the same when we are hungry.  If we would be living in the wild, we would pick some greens or some people would go and hunt.

The movie industry has given sharks a very bad reputation, especially with the ‘Shark’ movies that are out there. Someone told me once that the person who wrote the script for the first movie is actually sorry he did it, he had no idea it would turn out so bad for the sharks.

Let see these wonderful beings as who they are, wonderful souls who have chosen a body that lives in the water and eats what swims in the ocean.