Day 108 – Excuses

IMG_3535(Cont. from day 107)

I always thought of traveling across Canada to spread the word about animals and when you think about it is really easy but when you start looking at it more closely it is an entire different issue.

This tour is not an easy thing and when I got real serious about it lots of fears came up and also many, many excuses:

– I can not do this tour all by myself, this is to much for one person (driving, planning, PR, etc.).
– I don’t have the money.
– Who is looking after my place while I am gone.
– What if something happens.
– How can my clients reach me and do I run my business from the road?
– What if someone gets sick?
– What about my mail.
– Where do I find the right ingredients to make food for my family (I make their food from scratch every day, breakfast and dinner).
and the list goes on and on and on.

I even started to have physical symptoms the closer the tour got as well (toothaches, headaches, dizziness, etc), but the urge to help the animals was and is stronger.

I do want to change the paradigm that exists around animals and if I don’t do anything beyond what I what I have been doing so far, I would let all the animals down and I would feel that I have waisted my life.

This is what my life purpose is, to help the animals.