Day 107 – The Reason

IMG_3651Why the tour?

Many of you have not had a chance yet to come to one of my presentations and you might have been wondering why I am actually doing this tour.

For many years now, animals have always asked me to please tell people more about them:
“Please Claudia, tell people who we really are, tell them that we want to be closer, to work with humans and not to be separated from them.
Please, do go out and spread the word of who we really are.”

I have tried to do this for many years for as good as I could from home.

I always wanted to give more presentations and seminars but could not really travel because of my family. First I could not find anyone who wanted to look after such a big family, then one of my landlords did not allow visitors, also, one of my family members did not let strangers into the house and one of my wonderful dog companions was in a wheel chair and incontinent and no one wanted to look after him but no matter what, I never really wanted to leave without my family.