Day 100!!!! – Kayaking

IMG_3489Wow, day 100!!!! and what an amazing day it was.

I spoke with some wonderful animals, had a  super long walk with my family, drove for several hours to our next stop and went kayaking for the first time ever, it was in the atlantic ocean.

Mel and Melanie who own and operate Zen Kayak Tours took me out for an almost 2 hour tour.

We explored Trinity Bay on the Bonavista Peninsula.

It was amazing. We saw a swarm of squids. Which some of them I had a great chat.

They were interested in who I was and what I was doing there and I asked them a few questions about themselves.

They were so friendly and interesting.

It was amazing to be so close to the water. We went out quite a bit but then the waves, who looked quite small got to big. When you are so close to the water you feel everything.

This is truly the way to explore the ocean.

Thank you all!