Day 96 – Whale Watching

IMG_3290We arrived in Open Hall today and what an experience.

While walking along the shore with my host we saw a few Humpback Whales, it was amazing.

Then later on my hosts took me out on a boat and we saw the same whales again, it  was amazing, also because they could have been anywhere by that time, it was a few hours later.

When we first spotted them one was having a snooze but soon woke up.

It was so amazing to see these magnificent animals so close up, unfortunately we could not stay long since it was getting late in the evening and the sun was setting.

I also was so fortunate to see a pair of Bald Eagles.

With each I only had a short chat because I was so mesmerized by their grace and beauty and felt so honoured to see them.

I literally just introduced myself and told them why I was looking at them and how grateful I was that they showed themselves to me. I know that seeing each of them so close and in such short time is very unusual.

Thank you all.