Day 90 – The Big Ferry Ride

IMG_3018Gulp, today is the day.

I have been worried about the ferry ride to Newfoundland since we started the tour.

It is a bit worrisome to have your entire family, your home and the things that are precious to you all on one boat crossing an ocean.

I was also worried about the comfort of my family. It is a long ride and no bathroom breaks and of course, two of my family members had diarrhea today.

We took the night ride to make sure it would not be to hot in the motorhome. It was the shorter ride from North Sydney, NS to Port Aux Basques, NL, but still over 7 hours and then we have to drive an extra 900 km in Newfoundland to St. John’s but it is all worth it if everyone is safe and happy.

You have no idea, there were hundreds of cars, big trucks, trailers and motorhomes boarding the ferry. It took hours to get everyone one it.