Day 86 – Cape Breton Highland National Park

IMG_2855Today we explored Cape Breton Highland National Park and there are no words that do justice to the beauty of this place.

I met some amazing animals too.

One really interesting conversation was with a moose that I met during one of my hikes.

The moose was coming into my direction but was distracted by some other animal behind him. It took me a bit to get his attention because I did want him to know that I was there so he would not be startled, it was a big bull, and to tell him I was just going to pass by, there was no way around.

There were a few heart pounding seconds because I know that the bull was not sure about what was behind him either so at any moment he could have started to run without him knowing I was there.

Anyway, once we communicated all was OK. The bull told me that some humans were doing silly things when they saw him and I told him that I know that is why I wanted him to know about my presence and why I was here and that I was a friend.