Day 71 – Today was busy

TourDay71In the morning I went to the local animal shelter in Dartmouth to communicate with all the wonderful animals there.

Many times the things the people at the shelter get told about the animals are not correct. It really is so helpful to talk with the animals to find out what really happened. This so much helps the animals to find the right home.

For example, one of the cats in the shelter was surrendered because she bit a child. What really happened was that the cat only scratched the child because the child kept on hurting her and is not ‘dangerous’ as described.

In the afternoon I gave a presentation to a large group and many wonderful animals were present too.

On top of that my electric system in the motorhome went buff.

It was so wonderful, everyone was helping. At one point we were 4 women in my motorhome, basically all in the bathroom, where we exchanged a plug. Hey, the screws were so tight it took lots of muscle power.

One lady who participated in the presentation called her brother to come and have a look, he is an electrician.

He was there within the hour, which was so very, very nice of him, it is Saturday afternoon after all.

Unfortunately he could not fix the problem so now we are out of power. Our next stop tomorrow is Bridgetown and there should be someone open on Monday who can fix it.