Day 50 – Proudly Canadian

TourDay50We are back on the road again, heading towards Bathurst New Brunswick.

We stopped to have a look at this amazing maple leaf in Saint Quentin.

Look at my wonderful Maiara, proudly Canadian.

I had a very interesting visit at Lake Baker close to Edmunston.

I met so many wonderful animals who are with the Madawaska rescue and are looking for homes. I spoke with all of them and everyone at the rescue wanted to know all kinds of things about the animals who are in their care, like their pasts, how they were feeling, what they need, what could be done to make them feel better and what kind of homes they were looking for.

I was privileged to help find the perfect foster home for a 3 week young kitten, a new forever home for two of the dogs at the rescue, and was able to find the perfect name for a wonderful dog.