Day 37 – Traveling day!

TourDay37Today is a traveling day again. The weather has changed and it is cold. We had quite the Thunderstorm last night.

The first spot we wanted to stay was very deserted and I did not feel safe so off we went to find something else.

It was a short night since the parking lot was cleaned at around 4:30 am but at least there were people around all night long.

We are heading north again to a town called Tethford Mines to stay for the night. The drive there is so beautiful, lots of mountains which I love!!! but all of the sudden to pass by an old abandoned factory and some of the hills start to look ‘dead’. It looks almost like an episode out of the X-Files. I was told there was asbestos produced here a long, long time ago.

Very, very sad. The mountains looks so sad and there is nothing growing on them, not even some grass.