Day 18 – No Power

TourDay18All of the sudden the power went off in the morning, checking everything but all seems OK.
I make a few calls and it looks like it is a power switch that connect the batteries to the motorhome.
The switch is stuck too.
I am trying to find someone who can help and work with motorhomes. Not so easy.
Finally I find someone but they can not fit us in till tomorrow morning and that will be a squeeze.
So no power.
I had the pull out out too to give us more space but without power you have to manually crank it back in
which did not turn out to be easy because things are not matched up.
We are also expecting frost for tonight.
Well I managed to get an electrical cord through the window to at least have a space heater going, it is really getting cold and my trusted flashlight gives me enough light to find my way around.
It is for sure a night were we go to bed early.