Be In The Moment

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When you are in the moment with the animals, really in the moment, just being present, not thinking of anything, not expecting anything, it is …. beautiful, it is… amazing, it is… words can not really describe it. It is like you are ONE. Boundaries do not exist, no negative energies. This is what I experienced in this moment with…


Toys – Are They Safe For Our Animal Companions?

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Have you ever wanted to buy a toy and thought about its safety for the child it is supposed to bring joy to? You probably have because of all the recalls you have seen in the media over the years, and maybe this was the reason why you decided it was safer not to buy it. But what about the…


“Painted Animals”

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I received an email with lots of pictures of cats whose coats have been painted different colours. I have also seen this so-called ‘fun’ thing done to dogs at recent events. The big buzz around this trend is that the painting could cost up to several thousand dollars for cats, and would have to be redone every three months since…



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Have you told your animal companions how special they are today? (Maiara and me in the subway on our way to her chiropractor).



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One of the things I so admire about my animal companions is their flexibility. Here is my wonderful Narima. The things he is able to do physically are absolute amazing. I started stretching in the mornings or when I get up, just like my cats, and you know what, if feels fantastic. The other thing our animal companions have, and…


New Year Resolutions

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Now that the Holidays are over and things are back to normal, it is the perfect time to think about the year ahead. Many people have made New Year resolutions and most of them are already out the door. One of my clients, I think, had the fastest New Year resolution let down I have ever heard. She broke it…


Happy 2016

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A wonderful, happy, healthy and abundant 2016 for you and your wonderful animal companions and friends. May 2016 be the best one so far and only have have good things ready for us. Thanks so much for all your support and encouragements you have given me during the last year. You have no idea how much this means to me.…


I Am Back

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Yesterday evening I gave a presentation at Dreamland. Dreamland Pet And Equine is located in Elora, ON and very close to where I started my tour. Thanks Dreamland.


Dogee Spa Toronto

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What an amazing event at Dogee Spa in Toronto. Thank you Christi, Davie and everyone else. The place was packed and I met some wonderful and amazing people and animals. Thank you all. Please meet the gang at Dogee Spa.