Time Change


It is this time of the year again. This weekend we are turning the clock 1 hour back. To make this transition easier for your animal companions and for you, it is a good idea to take the next week or two to get everyone used to this time change. Start now and change your routine, walking times, meal times…


What do animals REALLY say?


Setting the record straight. A friend of mine sent me an email in response to one of my Facebook posts regarding what names animals would give us. She wrote: ” In my animal communication books, the animal communicator says that animals have called them idiots, jerks, etc…. Is this true? Do animals really call us that?” she asked. She also wrote,…


My friend the Raccoon – update

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Recently, I helped to save a raccoon’s life. The poor soul was trapped in a commercial garbage container. He was so stressed and anxious after he got out of the garbage container that I decided to have a good chat with him to calm him down. I thought it was very important since he was in such a terrified state. The…


Saving a life

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cMy morning started out a bit different today. When my dog companions and I went for our first morning walk, we came across a couple of men who were standing in a safe distance around a huge commercial garbage container. When I approached, they told me that a big racoon was in there and could not get out. I was…



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Especially during this hot weather we have the tendency to stop and get a cool beverage. Most of them, unfortunately, are served in plastic containers. These containers can be very dangerous for all animals. Please, lets make sure to dispose of the containers safely in a recycling bin, and if possible, take the lids off. Many animals are drawn to…

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Right now we are going through an amazing heatwave and it is so important to help our wonderful animal companions through this heat too. Here are a few things that you might find helpful: • Keep the air conditioning on for your animal companions even when you are not at home. • Make sure your animal companions have always access…